World Religion  ................World Peace

1) Why World Religion:-

God is one,our Globe is one and why not Religion should be one on the bases of natural truth and without greed and fear?

2) The German Philosopher NIETZSCHE had said I have killed God but I say that God never comes in human body or in any form of living creature. hence question of killing God does not arise.

3) Religion is for peace & happiness and certainly not for bloodshed and hate.

4) I think that "One who firmly believes in, that is his Religion."

5) Worship in all the religions is for self satisfaction based on imagination and is also source of entertainment.


Dharma and religion are different .In dharma, there is no medium or person between man and God. like VEDIC Dharma. In Vedic Dharma between God And man no Body is there but only VEDA and Veda means knowledge and knowledge is always for everybody.

But among those who worship different Lords or follow blindly some one,are between men and God, that is religion and In religion the founder and his book for Example Lord Christ and Bible , Prophet Mohammed And Quran.


Religion is based on Imagination one can Imagine it is raining on the sun. we are Slave of Ideas for Example Prophet Mohammed and Lord Christ came and the result we see , people are not only following them blindly but also trying their level best to bring others into their religion and more over their are also very attractive invisible rewards are there. The result is that people are giving their life for those invisible rewards, In the hope they will get those invisible rewards after their death.

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